Saturday, June 18, 2011


I thought I was up for writing tonight but I'm just not....Sorry readers...if your reading writing to me lately has become really hard for reasons I just can't fathom, though I have words in my head banging to get out when i sit down to write my mind goes so blank and i cant think of a single thing to write.

The only thing that comes to mind when I sit down and try to write something is "Why". That's it.

This is the first poem ever wrote for just me by Quiency Smith Brannan

You're beauty,
re soul,
You’re the ideal, you’re the bold.
Together we two, hither goes the days.
Together we two, hither goes our nights.
In your voice, in your rhyme, I can feel time.
Your eager rescinding emotions make you seem kind,
I long for those times we have our fights,
I hope we shall know what the other says,

You are eternal, pragmatic, delightful.
Whirling about, a cloud ascends your heavenly being,
Fae, feeling, fun to the touch
There be none negative
There be only light:
That ember you are,
That smile that you give.
I howl to your soul, and pray for relief.
Like me, love me, but never rescind me;
Like me, love me, or know that I meet you fair.
Will you forgive the freight;
Will you reach to mine light?

This is the Poem I wrote for him there is a letter too but its to personal for an internet blog.

With this
I hope you know how much you mean to those who love you
I hope you cherish every day you wake with no pain
I hope you Love from the bottom of your soul
For every day you spend awake in my world you shine
My feelings for you are mixed in my mind but solid in my heart
You’re like a butterfly beautiful in its being short in its visit
I watch as you flit around from shoulder to shoulder never having a place to land
Or a home to be free
I watch as your life is taken for granted that forever and always you will be
With this
I hope it finds you thinking of the future
I hope you plan
I hope you find worth in just being yourself
For every day you spend awake in my world I believe in you

He loved me he just didn't trust in that love nor did he really believe in himself or trust in my belief in him.

He loved me but he never gave me the chance to love him and that makes me unbearably sad.

Monday, June 6, 2011


The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved...... Mother Theresa

Yes this is true.

A story....

I'm in a Broody mood and writing is a good way to work out a brood for me so I'm going to write a story....

Laying here in the night all I can think is will i ever have someone there to hold me when I need holding. Will there be someone there to cherish me, watch me sleep just because they can and love me with out reservation? It's hard for me to let go and let someone help me and protect me when I've done it all myself for 327years. Never in 327years have I had anyone to be there by my side for a week let alone for the eternity that is my existence.

Yes you read correctly I am 327years old though I only look 27, no I'm no vampire nor am I fae of a sort. I'm just me Lorna G. Hanover, Immortal. Don't Ask what the G stands for I've forgotten on purpose what it means. I don't know where I come from or who my parents are though the people who raised me are long gone by now. I just know that I'm alone in the world with the exception of the Fae, vampires and Ware that live in this world along with the humans.

The only powers I have it seems is to see Aura's and being able to shift and mold energy. Its come in handy for identifying the other species that live on this planet. The only Aura i cant see is my own and because I cant see my own aura i still don't know what i am nor how i came to be here in this world.

I am alone and worse yet I am lonely.

What to do now? Well....I guess I'll go feed...