Thursday, March 1, 2012

Through the portal .....

The final installment.....for now....

Saying nothing she got up and walked to her built in bookshelf and while she turned she muttered the same incantation that she did earlier Signum fye durnam echte ne moon. After she did that she grabbed the tape recorder and erased it. Thinking that he had a copy at his house and since everything was still she went outside with Taurus and when he gained his dragon form she flew to the address on the card he gave her earlier. Arriving at his house she searched out the transcribed conversation and the other recordings and left his house exactly as she found. Going back home Taurus said,

‘You don’t think he has any more that we didn’t find do you?’

“No, I don’t think so, mortal things that have been touched by magic have an aura about them and these were the only things in his home with a magical signature, but just in case he hid a copy or two I’ll search his memory and pull it out or erase it,” Samara told him.

‘I thought you didn’t like doing memory spells?’ said Taurus.

“I don’t but he can’t know. I would rather risk him losing some short term memory rather than risking another mortal with my secret. Brenna is enough, and besides there is still the blackmailer. We still have to find him and get rid of him before he exposes me and pose a risk to everything we have worked towards,” she said.

Getting back into her house and after checking his memory and finding that they did find all of his copies, she wiped his memory of him finding out about her. After making the adjustments to his memory and adding a new one to Brenna’s explaining everything and after whipping up a dinner, by magic of course, she had her explanation ready for the good Dr. Saying the incantation backwards she waited for them to unfreeze and when they did she said,

“Supper’s ready why don’t you come back into the kitchen and we can eat. I’m starved.”

Brenna recovered quickly and with a pointed look at Mara headed toward the kitchen. Mr. Balentine looked confused but didn’t say anything and followed right behind her.

The rest of the evening went on without a hitch and Samara finished the day out with a bubble bath and a cup of tea. Wondering what tomorrow would bring. She only had two days left till the winter solstice and if she didn’t go through the portal everyone and everything on Earth and Atarius would die.