Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm ready...

Hey is everything?

It has been a while since I wrote anything on this lovely blog of mine. I alternately miss it and hate the obligation it implies. Silly I know but feelings don't make sense on a good day let alone on a regular day. So what's been up with me? Nothing much. I have been unemployed for the past year and making ends meet by babysitting any and every child that I can find parents to pay me for, lol. I'm hoping that my year of unemployment is over and that I can go back to work. Teaching.....I hate it......but its a paycheck and I can't deny that its a good one. It's either that or going back to school and I may have to go back before to long anyway. I really don't want to, but I'll do what needs doing to make a living ::shrugs::....

Anyway, aside from looking for gainful employment I have reconnected with an old friend. I hope he sticks around this time, it scares me that he won't, but alternately it scares me that he will, and what, ultimately, that means. Oh well....I can't control everything....and I find that control isn't something I want to hold onto with an iron fist. So what comes, comes, and what will be, will be.

My Sprite is doing beautifully and is turning into a truly beautiful soul. She is bright, feisty, and gaining a strong will. She is my light and my love and I couldn't ask for a better daughter. For that reason alone I will always thank her mother for giving her to me. She's still a little bird who startles when you move to fast or when she thinks she's in trouble but she's beginning to act more and more like your everyday 5year old. She's smart and will be starting Kindergarten ahead of the curve this Fall. Just the thought of this child makes me smile from the inside out. Her medical issues aren't a main concern anymore. Her acid re-flux is under control. Her weight gain is steady though she does need a high caloric smoothie every night before bed to make sure she gains weight consistently. She seems to burn the energy and calories faster than I can get them into her. When she's in her 20's and 30's she'll be glad of this....but as a child its a hassle since I have to stop her play to get her to eat a snack between our regularly scheduled meal times.

Such as life with my Sprite.

As for my TTC (trying to conceive) journey *sigh* is on hold until I find employment and am sure I can care for a new child financially as well as I can the child I have without to much hardship. Everything in me is screaming out to conceive, but it would be the height of irresponsibility, I think, to consciously get pregnant while unemployed. So I'll wait and it will keep.

My writing has slacked off to the point of non-existence....when ever I sit at the computer to put my thoughts to a document....its almost as if they slip away just as soon as I try to type them. Same happens when I sit down with a notebook. So I try not to dwell over it. I miss my writing and I long for my creativity to come back 2 fold, but when its time its time and it will happen or it wont. That's what I tell myself anyway.

My hair is doing better....I know I probably didn't blog about this before but I have been on my natural hair journey for about 7 years or so now. It took me 3 years just to be able to think of other options that are more natural that work better for my hair than the over the counter full of chemical stuff that my hair rejects with a vengeance. Me and my hair still have our arguments and our fights, but we have come to an understanding of sorts.....I leave it alone for the most part...only moisturizing, washing and combing it...and when I need it to be cute on a day out or something tries its best to do as I ask, lol. There's no taming it really...I mostly just let it do what it does with little to no fooling with it and most times its cute. See more control that I've let go, lol.

I'm still single. I'm hoping that will be remedied soon?....I have no clue....but hopefully soon.

My journey into spirituality and my holistic, hippy, and pagan sense of self is coming along smoother than I thought it would. I'm at peace even when I'm stressed to the max there is a part of me that a tree in a breeze....slow, thoughtful, peaceful, and strong.

I wish I had something beautifully written to leave you...but alas I don''ll catch you the next go around, and maybe then my words will be there for me to put pen to paper.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Through the portal .....

The final installment.....for now....

Saying nothing she got up and walked to her built in bookshelf and while she turned she muttered the same incantation that she did earlier Signum fye durnam echte ne moon. After she did that she grabbed the tape recorder and erased it. Thinking that he had a copy at his house and since everything was still she went outside with Taurus and when he gained his dragon form she flew to the address on the card he gave her earlier. Arriving at his house she searched out the transcribed conversation and the other recordings and left his house exactly as she found. Going back home Taurus said,

‘You don’t think he has any more that we didn’t find do you?’

“No, I don’t think so, mortal things that have been touched by magic have an aura about them and these were the only things in his home with a magical signature, but just in case he hid a copy or two I’ll search his memory and pull it out or erase it,” Samara told him.

‘I thought you didn’t like doing memory spells?’ said Taurus.

“I don’t but he can’t know. I would rather risk him losing some short term memory rather than risking another mortal with my secret. Brenna is enough, and besides there is still the blackmailer. We still have to find him and get rid of him before he exposes me and pose a risk to everything we have worked towards,” she said.

Getting back into her house and after checking his memory and finding that they did find all of his copies, she wiped his memory of him finding out about her. After making the adjustments to his memory and adding a new one to Brenna’s explaining everything and after whipping up a dinner, by magic of course, she had her explanation ready for the good Dr. Saying the incantation backwards she waited for them to unfreeze and when they did she said,

“Supper’s ready why don’t you come back into the kitchen and we can eat. I’m starved.”

Brenna recovered quickly and with a pointed look at Mara headed toward the kitchen. Mr. Balentine looked confused but didn’t say anything and followed right behind her.

The rest of the evening went on without a hitch and Samara finished the day out with a bubble bath and a cup of tea. Wondering what tomorrow would bring. She only had two days left till the winter solstice and if she didn’t go through the portal everyone and everything on Earth and Atarius would die.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More of "Through the Portal"

The time on Atarius was vastly different there than it was on earth. The one hundred years she spent on Earth were only one hundred days on Atarius. So in the five thousand years she'd spent being Guardian on earth were only about thirteen and a half years on her home world. Atarius also didn't have the technology that Earth does. It was blissfully ensconced in what earth would call Medieval or the Dark ages and Samara loved her home. Here on earth people were so impatient and disbelieving in the things that are around them every day that it made her home sick.

Being around magical creatures and magic in general made her feel at home but the guarding of two worlds was taking its toll on her. Policing the magic of one world to protect the magic of another just wasn’t as fulfilling as it had been when she first started. She’d killed magical creatures, covered up killings of mortals, and heralded the destruction of this world so many times it was becoming tedious. She just wanted there to be peace so she could go home and live the quiet life she’d lived for so long before two worlds collided and her husband was caught in the cross fire of this world and her own, Gods, how she hated Earth and its pettiness.

Even the immortals, after hundreds and even thousands of years, were petty and only thought of themselves. Vampires in particular were a nuisance, because they were at the top of the food chain and could only die through the removal of their heads thought they could do what they wanted at will. They were so wrong. She’d killed the oldest of them a century ago for thinking thus and trying to act out those thoughts. He was older than she and because he was so old he was then immune to the effects of sunlight, and could only be killed by the removal of his head and being cremated.

Man what a night that was, she thought.

‘Heads up here they come,” said Taurus who had dropped the illusion of a cat and became himself. He was a glorious red, gold, and green dragon, and he was impressive standing behind her like a 10 feet tall sentinel. She stood inside an old underground warehouse that housed fifty of the youngest and stupidest vampires she had ever had the misfortune to meet. It wasn’t the young ones, but the old ones you had to look out for, because the old ones new better than to attract attention but at some point they always want to have power over someone: the younger ones are just stupid and think about revenge more than sense.

When they all came running into the warehouse she held out her hands and with the crook of her finger all of the exits were sealed off. The vampires came to a standstill as she and her pet stepped out of the darkness.

“Samara, what are you doing here?” said the ringleader, a woman with dark hair and a red corset. She was just shy of her one hundredth death day, and Samara was sorry to see her go.

“You know why I’m here Judith. Was it or wasn’t it you and your coven that kidnapped, tortured and killed those families last week? You knew I would come for you. I don’t know why you thought you’d get away with it,” Samara said coldly.

“Oh, come on. They’re just mortals. No need to get your knickers in a twist.” When Judith didn’t get a reaction from her she continued, “Okay what if we promise not to do it again. Will that get you to go away?”

“You know it won’t and I don’t know why your pleading this is your third strike and the third strike of this magnitude is always death. You know that. Since the day you were made you’ve known that. Or am I wrong that Tobias told you as he does all of his children ‘Don’t do anything to get yourself killed. It would tear me up.’ If he didn’t I’m surprised because he tells that to all of his offspring,” Samara said.

“He did but he didn’t specify what would or wouldn’t get me killed,” Judith said looking innocent. Samara new better and Taurus bent his head, growled low and let his nostrils smoke.

“I’m not buying it and you know I’m not. You know full well what will get you killed. This is the third time I’ve had to confront you about your penchant for families. So this is the last time I will be bothered with any of this or you,” she said.

Samara reached into her coat and extracted a gleaming silver sword with gold writing on the blade. It was enchanted, elf-made, and unbreakable. The sword of the Guardian the inscription said ‘Thee who holds this sword is the Guardian of Magic and its Creatures. This sword is the judge of those creatures of old and magic alike. Three chances only does one have before thee are to seek punishment for crimes within the Worlds of Magic. Three and only three and this sword will come to thee.’

When Judith saw the sword she screamed;

“No, not me, take them they made me do it….” Those were her last words before her head rolled across the floor. Her followers tried to get away but they were locked in it was their day of reckoning as well and they knew what was coming. With Taurus’ help they had the underground warehouse ablaze and the vampires within were now no more than dust on the sidewalk.

Taurus changed back into a black cat and they got into her SUV and headed for home. What they saw when they got there was a surprise. Brenna and Wynn Balentine were waiting for them on Samara’s front porch.

“Oh, what now?” Mara said as she stepped out of the car and grabbed Taurus and put him on her shoulders.

“Hey, Mara, let’s go inside huh? We need to talk,” Brenna said giving Wynn a sidelined glance.

“Okay, but my night is kind of busy so you two can’t stay long,” Samara said. She sat Taurus on the ground and let him go through the kitty door so he could put away anything incriminating. Then she got her keys and unlocked the door. Her house was a modest Tudor styled home situated outside of Oklahoma City on purpose. She decorated it with earth tones and soft, overstuffed, cushy furniture to make it feel like home. Leading them into the living room where Taurus sat in her favorite overstuffed chair in chocolate brown suede she crossed to him and lifted him to her lap and said,

“So, what brings you two here this time a night?”

“Well, Mr. Balentine came to the gallery looking for you and I thought…..” Brenna started but was cut off by Wynn saying,

“I wanted an explanation for this,” he said as he pulled his tape recorder out of his pocket and played her conversation with Theuderic.