Saturday, August 13, 2011

Through the portal Continued...

If anyone's reading here is through the portal continued...

Through the Portal


Wynn had never in his life met a more disagreeable woman. She seemed to get even more disagreeable as the interview went on. He couldn’t explain it. Most people liked having their passions and their work discussed and the more publicity the better. Samara Collins seemed to be the complete opposite. He just couldn’t figure her out.

Putting this out of his head he reached his house and pulled out the tape recorder when he finally got into his house and office. He rewound it and played it back he heard his own voice for a while and then he heard Samara say

Signum fye durnam echte ne moon.” Thinking she mumbled something under her breath he didn’t really notice until he heard her talking to someone else. Listening intently he started making notes and transcribing the conversation onto his computer. Listening to the whole conversation again he started wondering where he was when she had this conversation. He hadn’t noticed when she had gotten up to talk to some man named Theuderic. In fact he knew that she hadn’t, but if what he knew was false how did she do it? He rewound the tape again and listened intently. After listening two more times he finally understood that the phrase he heard her mutter was probably a spell that stopped everything that wasn’t’ like her still.

“She’s a witch!” he said aloud alarming himself. Grabbing his tape recorder he puts it inside his pocket and leaves his house to go to the gallery. He had to find her and confront her.

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