Friday, September 3, 2010

And so it starts.........

The very first thing you all should know about me is that I write in GREEN! Emerald green that its...............:D Go on laugh....Laugh in this my very first pun-tascular post for this, my very first blog.

Well it is the end of my day but I want to start this post talking about what happened yesterday.

(Let me set the stage) I'm at my center putting my kids on the school bus (for those that don't know I teach Headstart in a neighboring town) and my kid (she's 3) gets off the bus and she has a paper in a ziplock back with a note attatched. Well we forgot her backpack in my car at my friend's house (we carpool and it was her week to drive) so my child's teacher put her homework and her note for Friday in a ziplock bag and sent her on the bus. The note says "Please dress your child in Black and Gold for Spirit Day! Every Friday is our spirit day!" or something to that effect.

My first thought was "Really spirit day?! She's 3 and Headstart isn't affiliated with the public school, AND it's Thursday where am I gonna get black and gold crap for friday?" My second thought was "Did I put all the kids on the bus?" And so I went back to my class to count heads and make sure everyone was were they needed to be.

Well after the kids were gone me and my fellow teacher and teacher's aides were talking about this spirit day that they were having and me and 2 other people in my center don't belong to the town we work in so THEY thought it would be funny if they put on their kids "Hometown Born, Bred and Raised will not conform to your Out of town Ways". I thought that the saying was funny but I wasn't going to put it on my kid, seriously?

Okay so we all talked about it and I told them that I wanted a shirt for my kid that said "Daughter of a Non-Conformist" because thats just what I was and had always been. I have never done or belonged to a sport or group EVER and didn't ever want to belong to a sport, group, sorority, or whatever. Never did such a thing in school (the only groups I participated in in school had about 5people in them and were ART and SPANISH clubs and those only because we got to go to Mexico and Spain) and didn't figure that I would have to worry about it till my kid was in middle school at the earliest. Guess not huh?

So I went home with my fellow teacher and we went to Wally and got iron on stickers and a tshirt for my daughter and a tshirt for me because I also wanted one that said "I Do Not Conform to your Elitist Groups", and so the shirts were made. I thought they were wonderful and straight forward.

My kids teacher on the other hand didn't think it was funny and inwordly I chuckle like a maniac because when I called to check up on my daughter at school today she told me that she had some parents ask what my kids shirt meant, sad but true.

My kids teacher has a good sense of humor though and though now I think she thinks I'm a smart ass we'll get along well because I am one and I freely admit it, thank you very much.

So now every Friday me and my lovely lovely child will rebel and I will cackle and smile.

What am I going to do if my kid likes sports and cheerleading I have not the foggiest but I hope and pray that she will be just as weird as me. Weird is good and though Sheep are pretty their still cattle, or at least herded like cattle.

Today was a good day in that regard because everytime I thought about my dd's teacher looking at her today I thought about her giving me the stink eye because of that shirt, LOL. Ah the little things that get us through a day.

Other than that I wanted nothing better than to hide in my room and read the day away, my kids were so rotten today.

All week my kids at school have been on the verge of rebellion and today I had had it. We went outside and they fight. We come inside to have class and to play in centers and they fight, push, hit and pull eachother. As a class they all got 3 good lectures today about hitting, fighting and yelling at one another, and still I about lost my cool today because out of the 13kids only the new kid was behaving himself. I was a wreck by the time school was over. Nap time just doesn't last long enough sometimes *sigh*

Other than that I have been a baaaaaaad girl and have bought 5books with my paycheck this week. Nothing expensive and with the 5books I think I only spent 20 bucks or so *shifts eyes*. What can I say I'm a Bibliofile and books are my weekness.

It is 11.39pm in OK and I'm worn like a weekold washrag. I have just come home from going with my friend to Wally in the other town 45mins away from the town that I live in and though its always fun to hang with friends (especially when they buy you dinner) sometimes I wish I could come home and sleep sleep sleep.

Brian Culbertson seems to be doing the trick for winding me down and getting me ready for bed. He's good at that. LOVE this music its so calming and makes me feel as if there isn't a deadline at the end of this week for assessments on my kids. Makes me feel that if I just listen long enough I will find everything and anything that I have ever wanted. Oh it's just so lovely.

With this my first entry into my blog I want to end it with one of my stories and since this blog is mostly about kids I'll start with my first kids story!

The Greatest Secret of Faery
Once upon a time, a long time ago a mother took her daughter outside to play in the sun. While the child played and laughed in the sunlight the mother was approached by a curious old man with a sparkle in his eye. The man sat by the mother and said,
“What a beautiful child, you have there mother. I see she has the mark of the Fae. Wondrous things happen to children with the faery mark.”

“What mark?” said the mother.

“Why, the freckles of course. Didn’t you know that children born and grown with freckles have been touched by the Fae?” said the old man

“No, I didn’t. My mother told me they were Angel kisses, are they not?” said the mother

“Aye, some marks and freckles are made by Angels but those marks are hard to see. Faery marks are dark and stand out for all to take note of and wonder. Let me tell you the story as my mother told it to me when I was but a wee child”

“The Queen of the Fae was lonely her children all grown and living their own lives so that when she saw a baby playing in the sunlight, and he was lively so happy that she knew that she wanted him for her own. So in the middle of the night she picked up the little boy and took him home with her to Faery. Faery is a land so beautiful that to see it would make you weep for the beauty of it. The little boy saw this land and fell in love with the fruit that glittered like diamonds and the water that sparkled blue like his mother’s eyes.
The Fae Queen played with the boy and loved him so much she couldn’t bear to part with him, but the boy, though happy to be with the Queen, wanted his mother.

The Fae Queen being a mother herself couldn’t bear for the boy to be sad so she took him back to his bed before the sun rose but before she left him sleeping she sprinkled him with Fae dust and kissed him beside the eye, leaned in close and said to him
‘With the stars you were born, with the moon you will glow. Little Love of my heart with the Faery Kind you will always be known.’

And with that the Fae dust stuck to the child where it fell.

The next morning the boy’s mother picked up her son and noticed a peculiar mark by his eye and a smattering of freckles across his nose chin and shoulders. Wondering where he got the marks over night she carried him off and said to him

“Paddy my dearling, I wonder if you’ve been playing with the Faeries to have those marks on you all of a sudden, hmm.”

The little boy who wasn’t old enough to talk yet looked at his mother and kissed her right on the cheek. Paddy’s mother was so happy that her baby boy gave her kisses that she forgot all about his freckles and his curious birthmark and said nothing more.
Though for all the days of her life she noticed a small smattering of freckles along that cheek that her son had kissed her on that morning so long ago.

The Fae Queen still takes babies to the land of Faery to this day babies she finds that are bright, lively and happy beyond all others. She takes the happy babies and when it’s time to return them she whispers the rhyme sprinkles them with dust and kisses them.

As the children grow the Fae dust makes itself known in the form of freckles and peculiar birthmarks and the longer the child has freckles the more favored she or he is by the Fae. It is also so that the Faery Queen can come and visit them as they grow and forget about her and her wondrous land. With the Freckles she dubs them Faery Kind and they are always her special children.”

The man finished his story and looked again at the pretty girl child playing in the sun and told the mother.

“You know the more freckles a child has the more times she’s been to Faery and the more places she has them the better.”

“Why better?” asked the mother.

“Because the more places she has them the more secrets the Fae have told her. Looks like your little dearling got the greatest Fae secret of all,” said the old man.
“What secret is that?” said the mother with a smile.

“The secret of Faery Flight. It’s the greatest secret of the Fae dust and the greatest gift the Fae can bestow on a child. With that gift the child has the wings to dream the impossible and to accomplish everything they ever want. With the Secret of Faery the child can Fly,” he said eyes twinkling and smiling.

The little girl flitted over to her mother and looked at the old man and said shyly

“Hello I’m Fiona”

The old man smiled at the child and leaned in close and said

“Hello, I’m Patrick though my mother always called me Paddy.”

The mother looked at him close and smiled because she knew he was weaving a special magic. A magic of love, as she watched she saw him lean close to her child and say in a sing song

“With the stars you were born, with the moon you will glow. Little Love of my heart with the Faery Kind you will always be known.”

The little girl’s eyes sparkled and smiled because she recognized that rhyme though she couldn’t remember where and as her mother lead her away from the man toward home she turned to wave goodbye to him only to find that he’d gone and in his place were butterflies. Which, of course, her mother always told her were Faeries in disguise…

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  1. LOVED the story, darling! I also love the non-conformist t-shirt! Way to stick it to the man. ;)